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As the most senior privacy and data security legal expert, the Senior Privacy Counsel & Advisor (SPCA), Attorney V works independently and under the general direction of the General Counsel. This position is responsible for serving as the Agency’s top privacy protection legal expert, on highly sensitive and complex legal matters, across all the CPPA’s divisions, which include Legal, Policy and Legislation, Public Affairs, Enforcement, Information Technology, and Administration. This position will provide analyses and legal/policy recommendations to the Board, Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, and Executive Staff, and will advise across all divisions on privacy and data security to ensure that policies and products are consistent with emerging and complex privacy legal standards.


Under the general direction of the Deputy Director of the Administration Division (CEA B), the Staff Services Manager II (Supervisory) functions as the budget and fiscal analysis expert and is responsible for serving as the California Privacy Protection Agency's (CPPA’s) Fiscal Services/Budget Manager. This position will be responsible for managing, directing, and monitoring all activities related to the fiscal/budget operations for the effectiveness of the CPPA's budget and fiscal program, and provide consultation and advice to CPPA management on budget and fiscal related issues, including but not limited to, developing Budget Change Proposals (BCPs) and fiscal analysis.