Data Broker Registry

A data broker is a business that consumers don’t directly interact with, but that buys and sells information about consumers from other businesses. For example, if a person signs up for a dating app, a data broker may buy all recent sign ups of that dating app from the app developer and sell the information to a gym that is looking to target potential new customers. The data broker does not have a direct relationship with the person, or any other consumer who signed up for the dating app, but they sell that information to a third party (the gym owner) who is looking for new customers. Consumers can learn more about their privacy rights at

If you are a data broker looking for information to register, visit the Agency’s registration page.

2024 Registry

Any business that meets the definition of data broker must register with the California Privacy Protection Agency annually. This list is periodically updated throughout the year.

You can view the contact information for all data brokers registered with the Agency and submit requests directly to those businesses to delete your personal information and exercise your CCPA privacy rights, subject to some exceptions. To find a specific data broker, you can search by the name of the data broker, or simply scroll through the list. To read the entire registration, click on the link titled "View." You may also download the entire list by clicking on "Download CSV".

If you have a problem exercising your rights, you can file a complaint with the Agency to tell us what happened.

Starting in 2026, you may submit a request to the Agency to delete your non-exempt personal information held by all data brokers, rather than contacting them individually.

Accessible Delete Mechanism

The Agency will engage the public to gather feedback on the new deletion system:

  • April: Industry questionnaire
  • May: Solicitation for preliminary written comments from the public
  • June: Public online stakeholder session and end of written comment period.

The Agency will update its website to provide more information about these engagement efforts. If you would like to receive updates, email to be added to the mailing list.

Download CSV

The previous data broker registries can be accessed at the Office of the Attorney General's Data Broker webpage.